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Do you want to purchase a dry erase calendar magnetic In Bulk? Buy it from UCI Magnet & More Co., Limited!

But, why purchase from UCI?

You have a lot of alternatives choosing the magnetic whiteboard calendar Manufacturing unit. There are various decisions regarding buying your dry eradicate items, so we asked ourselves a similar inquiry; for what reason would I purchase from UCI in the event that I was a possible client?

Item Knowledge and Expertise

We are a magnetic fridge planner company having expert manufacturers! The outreach group at UCI has a list of item information and long periods of involvement in each item that we sell.

Purchase Direct from the Manufacturer

UCI not just addresses a portion of the country's most well-known makers, yet we likewise fabricate the vast majority of our own items.

Item Innovation UCI has brought all the more new items into the dry eradicate market than some other site on the lookout. A portion of our advancements over the course of the years incorporate versatile dry-delete music staff sheets. Yes, we helped plan that!

UCI keeps on adding inventive items, for example, enormous dry delete attractive prints that let you convert any attractive dry eradicate or blackboard composing surface into a music staff board and a planning board. At the point when you're set, you move up the magnetic sheet and return to the plain UCI.

We have similar quality All UCI dry-erase calendars for you. You can utilize either dry erase markers or a damp erase marker.
We are now adding one more service. You can order a planning book or calendar that includes your company logo. In the event that you are hoping to get the UCI items, you can reach us.

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